Celebrity Voice Changer

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Ideas by you,

told by celebrities

Celebrity Voice Changer

Celebrity Voice Changer AI is an application that changes your voice to the voice of the celebrity you want or uses text to create speech using AI technology. Our AI technology will swap your voice for the celebrity of your choice in the most realistic way possible!

Let Celebrities Speak What You Want

Turn your voice into a celebrity-like voice by just a simple operation, record your voice or enter text and select the voice of the celebrity you want, the results will be in a snap.

Powered by AI

Powered by the latest AI technology, Celebrity Voice Changer AI can simply recreate precise celebs' voices to sound personalized audio and speech.

Prank your friends with celebrity-like voice audios

You can use it to generate cool ideas on social media or make fun of your friends or family. Imagine your friends’ reactions when they hear Joe Biden, Elon Musk or Billie Eilish say a congratulation or joke with their name. Start using these incredible AI voice filters to record extremely interesting memories!

Celebrity Voice Changer